Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Risky businnes

In all actuality, it isn't just white people that do stupid things.  Humans, in general, do stupid things all the time.  The reason why I chose to speak about white people is that it is generally accepted amongst other races that white people do things that aren't what we would consider to be wise.  Before I continue, let me just say that many of the things I'm going to talk about takes some serious balls...NOPE, it just takes being stupid.  Okay, why the hell do some of you go swimming with sharks.  You might not get eaten that particular time, but it's playing with fire.  Then you guys turn around and try and convince the rest of us that sharks don't eat people.  Yes they do eat people.  Another thing white people do is base jumping off of places people shouldn't be jumping from.  Bungee jumping and sky diving and riding your bicycles on the street like nobody is going to hit you.  Seriously, this isn't meant to be a joke....I really want to know why white people put themselves in harms way on a constant basis.  I can't say why they do, but I can speak for the rest of us and say why we(other races) don't do the same dumb shit.  Okay, I don't need to do anything to feel adrenaline.  As a minority, my life is full of obstacles and challenges.  I don't need to put my life in the balances and swim with sharks...believe me, there is enough excitement in my everyday life.   For instance, about 3 times a year I get into an incident where cops draw their guns on me.  It lets me know I'm alive, but I don't ask for it.  I think if you white people lived like the rest of us, instead of being so comfortable then I think you wouldn't do any of that stupid shit.  Another thing is why do you people join cults, especially in America?  Why?  And why do you insist that Jesus was white?  Why in God's name would you even think that?  Why do white people that are racist and angry act like they have it so bad?  As if they've ever really be oppressed!  Real quick, this is all a generalization and there are many exceptions.  It's not that every white person does these things, but the vast majority that do them are white.  I'm not trying to be a jerk, but it gets to a point where it gets a bit annoying.  That's right white people, I'm calling you annoying!